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To those of you who don’t know me, and the ones that need reminding – I’m a twenty-something, coffee-loving traveller from London. Back in September 2018, I started a BRAND NEW SUPER EXCITING BLOG – otherwise known as my personal, but slightly publicised journal – to keep track of the sights, thoughts and feelings I was going to be experiencing on my crazy travel journey around the world. And guess what? I’ve not stopped since!

I’ve been travelling the world since September 2nd, 2018, after finally being diagnosed with Depression and Anxiety. Determined to change my life and mentality around, I moved to Spain for two months to learn Spanish, flew to South America, travelled around India, explored Malaysia, ventured around SE Asia and started life in Australia before flying back to London to spend some downtime with family. My next trip will be post COVID, hopefully flying back to Australia before I continue onwards to New Zealand but all in good time. As part of my ongoing trip, I blog to raise awareness of travelling solo as a female who suffers from mental health issues, so in years to come I’ve got something fun and truthful to look back on – show the grandkids and all that jazz.

I’m not the savviest traveller – I trust people I shouldn’t way too easily, I book 3 stop flights to save money and I’m certain to expect more of the runs due to my should be gluten and dairy free allergy that I regularly ignore if I really want a pack of chocolate digestives – not that I found many of these in the places I was visiting but still – Australia and their Tim Tams may pose a problem. I’ve always loved meeting people, travelling, seeing new sites and hiking up mountains but have always struggled with doing this by myself – 2017 was a year that changed all that before I set off a year later.

I’m excited for this adventure to continue and share the highs and lows with you along the way as I continue travelling the world. It is my hope that people in the same position will be able to relate to the stories I open up about and in turn feel less lonely and isolated as I share thoughts, feelings and emotions along this journey, as well as providing tips to fellow travellers, with or without mental health problems, to make your adventures easier to organise – tips from someone with Anxiety can’t be the worst right? I’ve done all the panicking for you!

I hope you have as much fun catching up with me on my journey as I have had writing about it.

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