Oh Heeeeey

So to those of you who don’t know me, and the ones that need reminding – I’m 25 and I’m starting a BRAND NEW SUPER EXCITING BLOG – call it a personal, but slightly publicised journal – to keep track of the sights, thoughts and feelings I’ll be experiencing on my soon to be crazy travel journey. This blog will not be about the perfect guacamole and poached eggs in a random hipster cafe in Asia (with all the cutlery aligned correctly) but more to be an honest depiction of what I’m seeing and feeling, so in years to come I’ve got something fun to look back on – show the grandkids and all that jazz. I’m not the savviest traveller – I trust people I shouldn’t way too easily, I book 3 stop flights to save money and I’m expecting to get the runs at least 10 times in my soon to be epic trip, due to my should be gluten and dairy free allergy that I regularly ignore if I really want a pack of chocolate digestives – not that I’m planning to find many of these in some of the places I’ll be going to – but still. I’ve always loved meeting people, travelling, seeing new sites and hiking up mountains but have always struggled with doing this by myself – 2017 was a year that changed all that. You could say I’m excited for this new adventure to begin and share the highs and lows with you along the way. I hope you have fun catching up with me on my journey. #EmilysEyesExplore

Em xx