Weekend vibes

This is my view where I’m currently sitting writing and listening to classical music belting out of someone’s open windows. That’s right, not Hip Hop, not Rap…CLASSICAL music…It’s sooooo relaxing 😎 Positives of yesterday: I had a great Spanish lesson. I went to the gym – which has marginally better men to stare over (instead … More Weekend vibes

1 week in Sevilla – Anxiety doesn’t leave ya

A week living in Sevilla: So far? A totally crazy, awesome experience. I’ve explained that my host family don’t speak English, which at first was really overwhelming. Like I said, I’m not good without a routine.. I know people can be hopeless when they’re in new surroundings but it’s slightly different for me.. I end … More 1 week in Sevilla – Anxiety doesn’t leave ya

This is my Dad..

And CUE travel ish related post not that much related to travel but kinda….ish? This is my Dad. Dad has MS. It sucks. In fact, it more than sucks, it’s sh*t. But he’s the best. I still remember this picture with my Dad walking.. and I absolutely remember when I ran the Half Marathon for … More This is my Dad..