SUE’S #travelsundaystory

Depression and Anxiety

Two months into my Colombian adventure, I met Sue on New Years Eve. I noticed Sue because of her beaming smile and the fact as soon as we started talking, her warm energy embraced me like a hug. We realised we had a lot in common, interests, both Jewish and both sociable as hell, and Sue, Annie and I became a little NYE girl group.

Unsure of how it came up, perhaps I had been speaking about how the effects of drinking and medication, but I mentioned I was on Anti Depressants mindfully, a little nervous as to how Sue who had just met me would perceive this, aware we had just been laughing for about ten minutes. I was surprised to hear that Sue herself has been on medication for both Depression and Anxiety and we spoke openly about how our lives have been affected by the illnesses.

“My experiences with my own mental health and that of those around me in general have made me a more open, compassionate and empathetic person (I hope!) while it can be so lonely and isolating, i think it can also be a point of connection and shared experience”


Sue was one of the first people that made me realise how common Depression and Anxiety are in people, and how sharing one’s experience with it can help mend some of the deep cracks, so often hidden.

Her thoughtful and open outlook on her mental health inspired me to be more transparent when I took a funny turn and had to be honest with the people I was backpacking with, so for that, thank you.

Let’s keep the conversation about mental health problems open, candid and without judgement. Only with compassion, love and integrity can we drive the darkness out.

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