ANITA’S #travelsundaystory

Diagnosed with Hypothyroidism

Back in January, I left a group of friends in Colombia rushing to Peru to make my Machu Pichhu trip in time. I’d taken planes, buses, tried to fit in two excursions and got onto another bus to Cusco – because I suck at timings and it’s always more fun to see how much you can fit into 24 hours. Like a disorganised, stressed – I’m going to miss my Machu Picchu trip if i don’t hurry the f*ck up -challenge ya know?

Anyways. I end up in Cusco, preparing to acclimatise before my four day trip up the mountain and actually felt a little low. I was lonely, I’d left good friends behind in a hurry and was really scared to begin my hike. I was worrying about struggling with acclimatising and had been researching all the symptoms of sickness before apparent death. I hadn’t exercised in ages, what if I was completely unable to do it? I sat down and watched a girl drinking Mate, a well known Argentinan tea and she offered me a sip and introduced herself.

Her name was Anita and I told her about my crazy journey to Cusco, my worries about my trip and my quest to find a whole bunch of new Anti Depressants – I was running out and had no idea where to buy them. We spent a happy day chatting, medication and soul searching.

She told me that she was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism 7 years ago. This resonated with me because six months ago I was diagnosed with Hyperparathyrodism and needed tumours removed, resulting in a deep scar on my throat. She told me about her symptoms and her fears of suffering from the same condition her family has – she lost her hair, was fatigued, had constant mood changes, and gained a lot of weight before her diagnosis. She was told to change her entire lifestyle and diet which affected her school performance and results and then visited another doctor to tell her to change everything entirely and that her previous doctor was incorrect.

Each change, each doctor’s opinion negatively altered her moods and her routine until finally, 5 and a half years later, with a different doctor and a nutritionist (and a whole new mentality about the world and environment), she decided to go vegetarian. Improvements were visible right away. Constant weight, healthy skin and hair again. Happy mind.

“I cannot say I am always feeling the same, but what I can say is thay today my blood tests are the best in years. I am also feeling happier than ever, my weight range is constant since MONTHS! I am still with medication, and I think I will always be dependant of it, but it’s ok. I am glad that I can actually have a balanced diet, practise any sport I want, drink what I want. I won’t say this is a happy ending because I have to have a blood test twice a year. I also have to visit my doctor twice a year. But it is waaaay better than it was. And I know I am lucky for it”


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