1 Week In Sevilla- Anxiety Doesn’t Leave Ya

A week living in Sevilla: So far? A totally crazy, awesome experience.

I’ve explained that my host family don’t speak English, which at first was really overwhelming. Like I said, I’m not good without a routine.. I know people can be hopeless when they’re in new surroundings but it’s slightly different for me.. I end up feeling scared, lonely and can’t sleep.

Highlight 1: I met Nancy at a non working ATM Googling where to find one that worked on a Sunday – because apparently, ATM’s take the weekend off. Nancy is American, arrived with a story and was there by herself. We got talking about interesting topics like “can you google where there’s an ATM” and we grabbed coffee. I spent the last few days sunbathing in her unbelievablely luxurious hotel whilst showing off how unbelievably unluxurious I am by sitting on the wrong end of the sunbed for it to collapse with me inside it – literally nobody take me out I swear.

(They also have 9pm -bring you chocolates to the room- room service which naturally as a non paying hotel member I accepted courteously).

Highlight 2: Being put in the wrong Spanish class 3 times. Why? Because I met Georgia #1 George Daniel for 2 seconds and then met Georgia #2 Georgia Clarke and Alice and we’ve formed a strong international bond- we’ll be visiting Cadiz tomorrow 🙂

A lowlight of Sevilla? Well, I heard an almighty bang a couple of days ago.. and it turns out I was walking past a poor motorcyclist who was lying motionless, face down having been hit by a car. It was shocking and terrible to see. It also reminded me that damn, life is so short and you haven’t got a clue what’s going to happen to you – so you might as well take every minute as it comes and enjoy it to the fullest. With this incident in mind, I’ve been trying to live every minute, watching flamenco, eating mucha tapas and have just spent hours in the park with my new friends chatting.

Strangely, despite the great experiences I’ve been having, my subconscious is clearly worrying about something. It’s frustrating that I can be having the best time, and yet every night I’ve been waking up almost hourly with heart palpitations, panting and unable to breathe.. and I don’t have a clue why.

Anxiety doesn’t leave you, no matter how hard you try and escape it I guess… and maybe that’s something I’ve just got to accept .. and look for some good herbal sleeping pills (if anyone has any recommendations let me know 👍)

Hasta luego amigos xx

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