Can we all discuss the fact it is 108 DEGREES IN SEVILLE RIGHT NOW aka 43 degrees for you normal humans who aren’t me and know how to read weather correctly AND the exciting announcement is that Seville is the FIRST stop on my round the world trip.

You know what’s funny? I visited Seville for like three days, of which one day of that was vaguely sightseeing after doing my usual pack two hours before I have to leave at 4am routine and literally walking around the city like an exhausted zombie. The other two days were spent by a hotel pool because I couldn’t be bothered and was too hot to move. That’s the great thing about solo travelling right? You can literally decide what you want to do whenever you want and have NO ONE TO ANSWER TO. Do I want to get wasted with the awesome people in the hostel and drink the cheapest drinks ever? Sure. Do I also want to pretend I’m rich for two days and spend 18 euros to lie by a fancy pool in a 4* hotel next to people who have paid 200 euros for a room per night? ABSOLUTELY.

I didn’t leave Seville like I left Barcelona – where I was obsessed with the fact I was clearly born a Catalan in a previous life and fell in love with the people, the food, the language, the sights, the fact there’s a beach AND a town …need to stop talking about Barcelona before I doubt my decision about Seville.. ANYWAY I didn’t fall in love with Seville. I didn’t come home desperate to move there which is usually what happens when I go into Emily escapism mode and want to run away from life. In fact, I just felt comfortable and safe. And having an internal safe place is really important for me.. I liked the pace of life there being slow, I liked the conversation I’d had with Victor the waiter at a random restaurant I’d randomly decided to drop into and I liked the fact I didn’t come home with some weird escapism attitude and more like a “hey I can see myself living here for a bit”. So that’s what I’m doing. Start of September I’m going to be living with a host family and studying Spanish 5 x week before trying to desperately find a job and a place to rent for October.

Gaaaaaaah BRING. IT. ON 😂

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