Weekend Vibes

This is my view where I’m currently sitting writing and listening to classical music belting out of someone’s open windows. That’s right, not Hip Hop, not Rap…CLASSICAL music…It’s sooooo relaxing 😎

Positives of yesterday:

I had a great Spanish lesson.

I went to the gym – which has marginally better men to stare over (instead of actually exercising) than in Pure Gym, Edgware.

I sunbathed in the park and listened to music by the river.

I spoke to an old friend who got in touch after reading some of my posts/babbles/rambles.

She appreciated what I was writing about .. which actually seems to be the main consensus with people from my past getting in touch – which is amazing really.

Negatives of yesterday:

I went to the gym, sunbathed and clearly forgot to drink/eat enough because as I was walking to get some shopping, I felt like I was going to pass out. I got to a bakery, ordered a GF cake and was this close to seeing stars..then I was burning up when paying and had to actively tell myself that I was only 10..9..8 mins away from home… Before collapsing on the sofa with all the windows open trying to tear myself away from the symptoms I was reading of heat exhaustion and sun stroke – Aka death.

Forget the fact that in 99% of most cases people survive with sleep and water, I’m clearly the 1% who won’t make it and therefore must read all the symptoms I’ll be experiencing before my untimely passing ..

It’s pretty difficult when you’re feeling that gross, your anxiety is making it 10x times worse by making you wake up hourly just to check you’re still breathing and you’re in a different country. You kinda just want your mum to hug and remind you that Google is NOT a reliable doctor – but this is another point of me doing this trip! I can have my mum, my friends, the Spanish dog I’m living with, to tell me I won’t die of illness but I’m not really going to believe it until I rely solely on MYSELF and say maybe Em? You’re going to be OKAY. Easier said than done…and might mean Sophie Gold and Emma Rosenthal get a hell of a lot more messages being like am I going to die now? … how abouuuut now? But hey ho.

You’ll all be happy to know that I survived the night – tired, still a bit panicky but okay – and this isn’t my ghost taking over my travel posts. I’ve taken the morning off school to chill and do my own Spanish learning before going for a few drinks tonight with my friends.

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