This Is My Dad..

And CUE travel ish related post not that much related to travel but kinda….ish? This is my Dad. Dad has MS. It sucks. In fact, it more than sucks, it’s sh*t. But he’s the best. I still remember this picture with my Dad walking.. and I absolutely remember when I ran the Half Marathon for the @mssocietyuk and Dad was cheering me on as I ran/limped over the finishing line. With such an unpredictable illness, I’ve tried to control lots of things in my life – driving both me (and others) completely mad. Some have been silly habits and some have been dangerous, hidden behind a smile, and it’s not been easy. Part of the reason I wanted to travel wasn’t just to have the best time ever, but to challenge these control issues once and for all. I’ll have no actual REAL plans when I get off the plane, no one to remind me I’m not dying when I’m guaranteed to get Delhi Belly even by SNIFFING the air and no idea how I’m meant to get to Brazil via bus in April 2019. I’ve also got no one else but my head to remind me whatever happens is going to happen, whether I’m in the UK or not.. and I can’t let that hold me back for the rest of my life. I’ve just had a long chat with Dad and he reminded me how proud he is of me, to try and make the right decisions and to keep smiling through thick and thin. Well Dad, I can’t promise I’ll make the right call every time, but I’ll try my best for ya 😉

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