Back to blogging!

Hello to all my followers (Mum are you even there at this point?)

My god it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything of substance, and my god has it been a while since I’ve written about being unable to post anything of substance. It seems that the last piece I wrote for my little website was back in November 2021, and everything in my life has changed enormously since then.


The first thing I need to touch upon is my immense writer’s block that started around lockdown 2020. You must remember that when I first began this blog, it was to help me and my mindset on my travels around the world. I had walked away from therapy, and was scared as hell to go travelling alone. My blog was a safe space for me, where I could write about my feelings, ruminate, analyse and speak in depth about my experiences. The constant writing, with no pressures to hit deadlines or dates, was a simple pleasure for me and in turn helped me feel less alone. The messages of support that I received from individuals that could relate to my journey or who benefitted from my words made it even better – it was something I never expected and was an additional benefit to writing. Helping people has always been something I’ve loved doing, ever since I was a young girl helping pack people’s shopping bags in Sainsburys for charity. This felt no different.

When I returned home, I felt pretty numb to my blog. You can’t write about travels when you’re not travelling anywhere. Similarly, you can’t write about moving forward when your life – like every other person in the world at that point – was on pause. As the months rolled on, I started to doubt my writing ability, had an entire blank on what I could even talk about and ultimately, forgot the reason I enjoyed it all in the first place. I was now getting paid to write for clients, so time was being spent on that rather than on my blog. Excuses developed, uncertainty set in and I just stopped.

But now..

I’m ready to write again – properly.

I’m going to start remembering the reasons I fell in love with writing in the first place. The tingle I feel on my fingers when I put pen to paper (or finger to keyboard!) The rush of thoughts and emotions I have when I start telling stories. I can feel it right now, and it’s a great feeling. My blog will still, of course, be following the theme of travels and mental health – because they’re both two very important topics for me – but with a slightly different edge. I’m not sure how, but I’m excited to see where this new journey will take me.

Come join for the ride friends, I’m excited to – this time – really be back.

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