“Would You Like A Job Selling Hats On A Market Stall?”

… is the question I was asked when I walked past my Barista friend outside Milkaway – my go to Cappuchino hotspot. Well, absolutely! I would totally love a job in a market stall selling hats in a language I’m only just getting my head around was my response – I still haven’t heard back … More “Would You Like A Job Selling Hats On A Market Stall?”

Love Is Love

I had written a different beginning to this post, however that was before my Doctor rang. Before I get into that, I need to extend some love and thanks to people who will (and most likely will not) read this, and it’s crucial I do this first. This doesn’t include all my other fantastic friends … More Love Is Love

Weekend Vibes

This is my view where I’m currently sitting writing and listening to classical music belting out of someone’s open windows. That’s right, not Hip Hop, not Rap…CLASSICAL music…It’s sooooo relaxing 😎 Positives of yesterday: I had a great Spanish lesson. I went to the gym – which has marginally better men to stare over (instead … More Weekend Vibes