Pros VS Cons of travelling alone

As I sit here on a cold Wednesday afternoon in London, working and attempting to warm up with tea, I let my imagination drift. I think about the trips I’ve … Continue reading Pros VS Cons of travelling alone

Turning (nearly) 30 in London VS turning (nearly) 30 travelling

Hello friends, how’s it going this bleak and bleary Monday evening? Yeah, that’s how I’m starting this post, because I don’t feel all sunshine and rainbows today. Why? Because it … Continue reading Turning (nearly) 30 in London VS turning (nearly) 30 travelling

Travelling The World Vegan? No Problem!

From my many expeditions around the world, and with that a hopeless amount of food poisoning, gluten and dairy intolerances aside, I tend to stick to mainly a vegetarian diet. … Continue reading Travelling The World Vegan? No Problem!

5 Annoying Things About Travelling Solo

Recently I was speaking to a friend about the pros and cons of being single. The pros being that you can be an independent woh-man who can go everywhere without needing someone to check up on you, the negatives being that you don’t have anyone to put suncream on your back when we’re blessed with hot, sunny days. That got me thinking about the similarities between being single and travelling alone – I mean, it’s not entirely different let’s be honest here, but I guess it’s a lot easier to ask a fellow backpacker by the pool to get their hands creamy then it is to ask Paul the Gardener. I digress. Here are, what I believe to be, the TOP 5 annoying things about travelling solo.


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The Most Sustainable Travel Destinations To Visit

If you’re looking to backpack or travel the world, you must have a knowledge of how to do so, as responsibly to our environment as possible. Check out some of the most environmentally conscious countries to visit across the world and add them to your post-covid 2021 bucketlist!

10 Things I Miss That We ALL Did Travelling

What do you miss the most about travelling? The excitement arriving at the airport in the early hours? The aeroplane food? Trying to rush off the plane before they open the doors?

Life, Dating, Therapy & Travel Update In Lockdown 2020

What’s it like to return from backpacking the world to a pandemic? How does life resume? How is dating possible?

My TOP 8 Netflix Shows For An Endorphin Hit

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Life, Romance and Job Reality: Three Reasons Returning Home Has Been The Hardest Thing I’ve Had To Do

Returning home from backpacking the world has been the hardest thing I’ve had to do, here’s why.