SUE’S #travelsundaystory Depression and Anxiety Two months into my Colombian adventure, I met Sue on New Years Eve. I noticed Sue because of her beaming smile and the fact as soon as we started talking, her warm energy embraced me like a hug. We realised we had a lot in common, interests, both Jewish and … More SUE


ANONYMOUS’S #travelsundaystory Living with a Parent with Mental Health issues I’m keeping this person anonymous but I met her in a really bizarre situation. In fact I met her in a taxi over a border crossing, and upon realising I couldn’t travel in the part I wanted to due to the weather, decided to move … More ANONYMOUS


PHIL’S #travelsundaystory Men with Bulimia I met Phil on my first day of travelling the world, starting in Colombia. I was struck immediately by his warm persona, his sense of humour greater than mine (I know right? As if) and his impeccably white teeth which suspiciously made him look like an ex Colgate actor. He … More PHIL

Dear Grandad .. I Hiked The Colca Canyon, Peru

Dear Grandad, It’s been a while. I hope you’re doing good up there and enjoying watching me and my adventures, laughing at the rain falling through my bedroom ceiling in the mountain, watching the hikes and adventures I’m participating in with the friends I’m making and enjoying the writing. I thought of you today, and … More Dear Grandad .. I Hiked The Colca Canyon, Peru

1 Week In Sevilla- Anxiety Doesn’t Leave Ya

A week living in Sevilla: So far? A totally crazy, awesome experience. I’ve explained that my host family don’t speak English, which at first was really overwhelming. Like I said, I’m not good without a routine.. I know people can be hopeless when they’re in new surroundings but it’s slightly different for me.. I end … More 1 Week In Sevilla- Anxiety Doesn’t Leave Ya